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What is oscilloscope: An oscilloscope is a tool that shows the waveform of electronic signals and lets you see how voltage changes over time. A multimeter is a tool that can be used to measure a single number for the voltage in a circuit where the voltage is always the same. When you start making more complicated circuits, this step is no longer needed. An oscilloscope is useful in this situation.

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Anyone involved with electronics in any way will come across oscilloscopes. We’re going to tell you what they are and what they're used for, we'll give you some key insights into their operation so what exactly are oscilloscopes.

Oscilloscopes are the most important tool for finding problems in electronic systems. They can be used to debug tests troubleshoot a wide variety of problems. Multimeters are another popular piece of test equipment but they can only look at static measurements like voltage, current, resistance. In fact today's meters may be able to provide a whole variety of other measurements but with the oscilloscopes you're able to look at the varying waveforms. They give a visual representation on the screen, this can help get to the root of problems far more easily you can see what's going on to see, how this works. Imagine a vibration the point on the signal goes up and down over time and it can be visualized to trace out a waveform and click it on the vertical axis time on the horizontal axis. This is what is displayed on your Oscilloscope screen. So what sorts of measurements can be made there are a wide variety of measurements that can be made with an oscilloscope.

Oscilloscopes are primarily amplitude over time however the amplitude can change depending on what type of probe so. For example a voltage probe allows the user to measure voltage over time. A current probe allows the user to measure current over time. Math functions can be used to multiply those so I can look at power over time. I could integrate current over time and look charge over time so there's a really wide variety of measurements that can be made across the electronic signals. Although many different parameters can be measured possibly voltage is the most common seeing the waveform. Whatever it may be can reveal much about the way the circuit is working so apart from just basic amplitude what other sorts of things can we look at so you can make measurements on voltage parameters such as peak to peak amplitude and RMS and also timing parameters including frequency and phase between two different signals these and many more types of measurement can be made it just depends upon what is needed, as a result. Oscilloscopes are used in many areas from development laboratories to repair in-service labs as well as field service. So when you come to user scope what are the main controls you need to know about on an oscilloscope front panel. There are a number of areas that can be highlighted the display of course is very important apart from just displaying the signal these days. There are often many soft controls around the edge then on the panel area. There are many of the key controls those that tend to be used quite often there are the horizontal axis ones these control the time base and either on the controls themselves or on the screen. There will be an indication of the time so that you can see how long parts of the waveform are the vertical axis controls enable the size of the signal to be expanded or contracted to fit the screen typically, this might be calibrated in volts so that you can see the amplitude of the wave form the trigger. Controls are also important and these enable the scope to start to show the waveform at the right point also there'll be the signal inputs the number dependent upon the scope and also there may be some other controls but these will be dependent upon the particular scope you have to meet all the different needs and uses for oscilloscopes many different types have been made over the years from the early analog ones that use vacuum tubes or thermionic valves right up to today's highly sophisticated digital scopes using software signal processing and many new techniques and of course they come in a variety of formats so they're sure to be something to meet your needs.

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