Raspberry Pi

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What is Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, small size computer like a pocket computer that plugs into a computer monitor or Television, and it uses a standard mouse and keyboard. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to search for computing and learn how to program in languages like Python and Scratch.

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Why Engineers Choose Raspberry Pi?

Let's first try to understand why many engineers want to use raspberry pi to develop their products. There are various benefits of raspberry pi:

  • Low-Cost Price
  • Many interfaces (Ethernet, multiple USB, HDMI, onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, many GPIOs, USB powered, etc.)
  • Raspberry Pi Python, Supports Linux (Making Ease of building applications)
  • Examples readily available with community support
  • It will cost a lot of money and effort to make such an embedded board

When you are making a hobby or a personal project, all the above points are good. But, if you are making industrial or commercial products, you have to think about many other important parameters before choosing any board ready to use.