Clamp Meter

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Clamp Meter

Clamp meter is one kind of test equipment and it is also known as tong tester. This equipment is very simple to use and operate. The main function of this device is to measure a live conductor in the circuit without damage or power loss. By using this equipment one can measure the high value current without turning off the circuit while testing. The main drawback of this meter is the tongue tester accuracy is significantly low. Now we discuss an overview of what is a clamp meter construction and it's working.

What is a clamp Meter?

A device that is used to measure current in an efficient, convenient and safe manner without using test leads is known as clamp meter. We know that the magnetic field can occur when the current flows throughout a conductor. So by using this device, the magnetic field can be detected to provide the reading of the corresponding current. These devices do not disrupt the flow of current so that the technicians can measure quickly and very safely.

Clamp Meter working principle

The working principle of clamp meter is the magnetic induction principle to create ac current measurements without contact. The flow of current throughout a wire generates a magnetic field. Hall Effect sensor mainly detects the magnetic field that is caused by the flow of current to cause a less voltage across the sensor.

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