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The MMR-620 Series meters are professional portable instruments for measuring very low resistances. Due to their special measurement algorithm they can be used for both resistive and inductive type of a specimen that makes MMR-620 a perfect instrument for electricianstesting electrical junctions, motors and power transformers windings.The results can be stored in the internal memory and send to a computer via serial interface. A quick PASS/FAIL test function with results displayed and acoustically indicated simplifies measurements considerably. The MMR-620 meter can also be used for testing the quality of the junctions in a production process via the interface.

Features of Sonel MMR 620 Milli Ohm Meter:

  • Measure low resistance levels on resistive and inductive objects
  • Max test current of 10A
  • Resistance range to 1999Ω
  • Automatic and manual selection of measurement range
  • Multiple measurement modes - normal, automatic, continuous and window
  • Built-in memory storage with space for 990 records and support for download to PC
  • Quick PASS/FAIL test function
  • Portable, lightweight design supplied with straps for hanging around the neck.

Technical Specifications

Operation Temperature 0...+40°C
Accuracy ±10%
Battery Charging Time approx. 2,5 hours
Immunity to interference additional error ≤1% for voltage 50 Hz ≤100 mV RMS
Storage temperature -20...+60°C
Weight approx. 1,7 kg
Dimensions 295 x 222 x 95 mm
Power Supply battery package SONEL/Ni-MH 4,8 V


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