FLUKE 325 True RMS 400A Digital Clamp Meter AC DC Voltage And Current Tester
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FLUKE 325 True RMS 400A Digital Clamp Meter AC DC Voltage And Current Tester

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The FULKE 325 True RMS Clamp Meter provides large AC/DC characteristics in a small form factor. The FLUKE 325 clamp table is the top of the 320 Series clamp table. Designed to perform in harsh environments and provide noise-free, reliable results, you can trust 325 to help you confidently diagnose electrical problems. It features true RMS measurements, optimized ergonomics, a large backlit display, and a rugged compact design to measure currents up to 400A in tight cable compartments. You can also use it to measure temperature, capacitance, AC/DC current, and frequency. Commercial and residential electricians use 325 to verify load current, AC voltage, and continuity of circuits, switches, fuses, and contacts. Frequency measurements allow inspection of portable generators; DC current test battery backup and solar storage devices.


  • Robust and reliable true RMS clamp with DC current and frequency measurement.
  • AC and DC currents are measured to 400A.
  • Measure the AC voltage and DC voltage to 600 volts.
  • Provides accurate RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurement of nonlinear signals.
  • The resistance of 40 KQ was measured by continuous detection.
  • The frequency is measured at 500 Hz.


  1. AC current:
    • Accuracy 2% ± 5 digits (45 to 65Hz), 2.5% ± 5 digits (65Hz to 400Hz 
    • 40.0A / 400.0A
  2. DC current:
    • Accuracy 2% ± 5 digits
    • 40.0A / 400.0A
  3. AC voltage:
    • 600.0V
    • accuracy 1.5% ± 5 digits
  4. DC voltage:
    • accuracy 1.0% ± 5 digits
    • 600.0V
  5. Resistance:
    • Accuracy 1.0% ± 5 digits
    • 400.0Ω / 4000Ω / 40.0kΩ
  6. Continuity: ≤30Ω
  7. Capacitance: 0 to 100.0uf / 100uf to 1000uf
  8. Frequency: 5.0Hz to 500.0Hz
  9. AC response:True-RMS
  10. Backlight:Yes
  11. Data retention:yes
  12. Contact temperature:-10C to 400C
  13. Min / max:yes
  14. Max Wire Diameter:30mm (600MCM)
  15. Size:207x75x34mm
  16. Classification rating:CAT III 600V, CAT IV 300V
  17. Power: 2xAAA battery (not included)

Package Include:

  • fluke 325 clamp
  • Test leads
  • Soft case
  • User’s manual

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