UNI-T UT278C Ground Pile Clamp Earth Resistance Tester
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UNI-T UT278C Ground Pile Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

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UT278C & UT278D Earth Clamp Meter, also called Loop Resistance Tester, is used for grounding resistance test. It has multiple functions such as clamping measurement, 3- or 4-wire measurement, voltage/current measurement, data storage/viewing, alarming, auto power off and more. With fast filtering technology employed, interference can be minimized.

Designed with 2.4-inch color screen, UT278C/D is characterized by aesthetic appearance, easy to carry, wide range, high resolution, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability. It is mainly used to measure ground resistance of power distribution lines, gas stations, grounding grids, lightning rods, telecommunication, electric power, meteorology, oil fields and others.


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Features of UT278C Ground Pile Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

  • 2.4-inch color LCD
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Leakage current measurement
  • Load current measurement
  • Grounding voltage measurement
  • Soil resistivity measurement
  • Alarm function
  • USB data transfer
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Technical Specifications of UT278C Ground Pile Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

Technical Specifications
Function Range (UT278C) Range (UT278D)
Ground Resistance 0.00Ω–1800Ω 0.00Ω–2000Ω
Leakage current 0.000A–50A 0.000A–60A
Current resolution 1uA 1uA
3 or 4-wire method resistance 0.00Ω–30KΩ 0.00Ω–30KΩ
Soil Resistivity 0.00Ω–9999KΩ 0.00Ω–9999KΩ
Ground voltage 600V 600V
Accuracy Guaranteed
Temperature Humidity
23℃±5℃,below 75%rh 23℃±5℃,below 75%rh
Power supply 1, DC 3.7V lithium battery;


2, Real-time display of battery power, reminding to charge in time

Jaw size 68mm
Screen 2.4 inch (46*29mm) color LCD
Measurement time 1 time/sec
USB data upload The stored data can be uploaded, saved and printed.
Data storage 500 set
Overload Overload indication “OL”
Alarm function
Auto power off Around 15 minutes
Power consumption 750mA MAX
Overload protection
Weight 975g (including battery)
Operating temperature -10℃ —  50℃; below 80%RH
Storage temperature -10℃ — 60℃; below 70%RH
Insulation resistance >20MΩ (500V between circuit and case)
Withstand voltage AC 3700V/RMS (between circuit and case)
External magnetic field <40A/m
External electric field <1V/m
Applicable safety regulations IEC61010-1; IEC61010-031; IEC61557-1(Ground resistance);
CAT Ⅲ 300V, CAT IV 150V; Pollution degree: 2


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