UNI T Voltage Detector Tester UT18B

UNI T Voltage Detector Tester UT18B

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UT18 series (UT18B / UT18C / UT18D) are designed for testing AC/DC voltage, 3-phase voltage, phase sequence, continuity, and more. This series is categorized as CAT IV 600V and meets IP65 standard. These voltage testers are perfect tools for electricians to quickly measure voltage levels in all environments. This series should NOT be used with 110V electrical systems.


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UNI T Voltage Detector Tester UT18B series of test pen with measuring AC and DC voltage (including the three-phase alternating current) measurement. This best voltage detector has features like phase of three-phase AC power indicator, on-off test,

  • RCD test
  • , single pen measurement (can determine the zero line or wire), self-checking, no battery detection and other functions. This line voltage tester is suitable for smelting, electronics, manufacturing, defence, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry. Also, this uni-t voltage detector used to solve complex problems of electronic, factory automation, power distribution and electrical equipment in.


    Features Of Voltage Sensitivity Tester UNI-T UT 18 B:

    • RCD test
    • Very solid construction
    • Dust proves water jets prove (
    • IP65
    • )
    • Voltage indication via LED diodes
    • Integrated LED light
    • Phase rotation test
    • Continuity buzzer
    • Polarity detection

    Specifications Of UNI T Best Voltage Detector UT18B:

    1. Voltage:
    2. 12V min 8V±2V
    3. 24V min 18V±2V
    4. 50V min 38V±4V
    5. 120V min 94V±8V
    6. 230V min 180V±14V
    7. 400V min 325V±15V
    8. 690V min 562V±24V
    9. Phase rotation test
    10. : 100V~690V, 50Hz~60Hz
    11. Single pole test: 100V~690V, 50Hz~60Hz
    13. Polarity detection

Package Includes:

  • RCD test
  • Self-test
  • No Power test: 100V~690V
  • Voltage indication: LEDs
  • IP65
  • Auto range
  • Integrated LED light
  • Low battery indication
  • Exceed voltage: 713V~788V
  • Mode: Silent mode
  • Power: 2x1,5V battery R03
  • Weight: 260g
  • Size: 272x85x31mm
    • 1 x UNI-T Voltage Detector Tester UT18B

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