UNI T Voltage Detector Tester UT18B

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UNI T Voltage Detector Tester UT18B series of test pen with measuring AC and DC voltage (including the three-phase alternating current) measurement. This best voltage detector has features like phase of three-phase AC power indicator, on-off test,

  • RCD test
  • , single pen measurement (can determine the zero line or wire), self-checking, no battery detection and other functions. This line voltage tester is suitable for smelting, electronics, manufacturing, defence, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry. Also, this uni-t voltage detector used to solve complex problems of electronic, factory automation, power distribution and electrical equipment in.

    Features Of Voltage Sensitivity Tester UNI-T UT 18 B:

    • RCD test
    • Very solid construction
    • Dust proves water jets prove (
    • IP65
    • )
    • Voltage indication via LED diodes
    • Integrated LED light
    • Phase rotation test
    • Continuity buzzer
    • Polarity detection

    Specifications Of UNI T Best Voltage Detector UT18B:

    1. Voltage:
    2. 12V min 8V±2V
    3. 24V min 18V±2V
    4. 50V min 38V±4V
    5. 120V min 94V±8V
    6. 230V min 180V±14V
    7. 400V min 325V±15V
    8. 690V min 562V±24V
    9. Phase rotation test
    10. : 100V~690V, 50Hz~60Hz
    11. Single pole test: 100V~690V, 50Hz~60Hz
    12. Polarity detection
  • RCD test
  • Self-test
  • No Power test: 100V~690V
  • Voltage indication: LEDs
  • IP65
  • Auto range
  • Integrated LED light
  • Low battery indication
  • Exceed voltage: 713V~788V
  • Mode: Silent mode
  • Power: 2x1,5V battery R03
  • Weight: 260g
  • Size: 272x85x31mm
  • Package Includes:

    • 1 x UNI-T Voltage Detector Tester UT18B

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Umer Awan - March 26, 2021