Sonel MRU-21 Earth Resistance Tester

Sonel MRU-21 Earth Resistance Tester

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Overview of Sonel MRU-21 Earth Resistance Tester:

The Sonel MRU-21 is an earth resistance meter based on the 3-pole measurement system. The MRU-21 features automatic compensation for the used test leads. In addition, it is possible to adjust the maximum measuring voltage. This meter can be carried around the neck and features soft-touch buttons for easy use. A big multifunctional LCD display shows the results and explains the necessary user inputs. All functions are easy accessible and customizable with the soft-touch buttons through the built-in menu.The MRU-21 can be connected to a PC with the supplied USB-cable. Measurement results can then be downloaded with the included Sonel Reader software. The internal memory of the meter can support up to 990 measurements.

Features of Sonel MRU-21 Earth Resistance Tester:

  • 3-Pole Earth Resistance Tester Kit
  • Earth resistance measurements using auxilary probes with 3-pole method, with the resistance of auxillary rods up to 50k, as well as resistance measurements using 2-pole method
  • Measurement of continuity of equipotential bondings and protective conductors with auto-zero function
  • Measurement of and high immunity to presence of interfering voltages from power system
  • Measurement of resistance of auxiliary electrodes RS and RH
  • Memory of 990 measurements, can transfer data via USB
  • Battery or rechargeable battery power supply, with indication of battery state and auto-off after 5 minutes
  • Selection of maximal measurement voltage (25V or 50V)
  • 300V CAT IV
  • Includes: 1.2m blue test lead, 2.2m black test lead, 30m red test lead on reel, 15m blue test lead on reel, 2x crocodile clips black & blue, USB cable, 2x 30cm earth probes, carry case, hanging straps, batteries, Sonel Reader software, Calibration certificate.

Specifications of Sonel MRU-21 Earth Resistance Tester:

Measurements battery charge > 1000
Continuity 0.13 - 199 kΩ
IP Rating IP54
Dimensions 288 x 223 x 75 mm
Earthing Resistance 0 - 1,99 kΩ
interference voltage 0 - 100V
Internal Memory up to 990 measurements
Measurement Range 0 - 1,99 kΩ
Connectivity USB


Sonel MRU-21 Earth Resistance Tester

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