UNI-T UT705 Single Function Loop Calibrator

UNI-T UT705 Single Function Loop Calibrator

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  • Measures: DC current, DC voltage, 4-20mA loop current
  • Output functions: Analog transmitter, DC current, 24V loop 
  • Up to 0.02% accuracy current measurement at the same time
  • Automatic ramp for DC current output
  • Manual stepping and automatic stepping and  ramping output
  • Stores and recalls setups


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UT705 is a high performance device for loop calibration and maintenance. Designed with high-accuracy DC current and transmitter analog current outputs, UT705 has DC voltage/current and loop current measurement functions with button settings, selectable steps and ramp outputs to help user work more efficiently and accurately. It features LCD backlight, auto power off and 1m drop proof.

Technical Specifications of UT705 Single Function Loop Calibrator:

Technical specifications of UNI-T UT705 Single Function Loop Calibrator

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Asfi - November 20, 2021

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