UNI T UTG2025A Function Generator 25MHz
Signal Generator

UNI T UTG2025A Function Generator 25MHz

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UTG2025A Signal Generator has 25MHz maximum output rate, 125 MS/s sampling rate, and 14-bit vertical resolution. Multifunctional Generator has an equivalent dual channel independent output, modulation, sweep frequency, Burst, and other complex waveform generation functions. With the convenient operation interface Digital Function Generator has excellent technical indicators, and humanized graphic display, this multi-purpose equipment can meet your learning and testing requirements and improve work efficiency. Oscilloscope Generator has much application in Designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic and electroacoustic devices, such as circuit and equipment testing in cellular and wireless systems, broadcasting, television, and radio systems; semiconductor component testing, etc.

Features Of UNI-T UTG2025A 25MHz General Signal Generator:

  • Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • 60 MHz Sine waveform output at 1uHz resolution
  • 25 MHz Pulse waveform output with adjustable rise/fall time
  • 250 MSa/s sample rate with 14 bits resolution
  • Dual channels output supporting stand-alone or channel-coupling output mode
  • 1 M points arbitrary waveform storages with 8 waveforms for non-volatile memory

Specifications Of Multi-functional Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator:

  1. Channel: 2
  2. Bandwidth: 25Mhz
  3. Sampling rate: 125MS/s
  4. Vertical Resolution: 14 bits
  5. Waveform: Sine, square, pulse, ramp, noise, DC, arbitrary (20 sets inside )
  6. Sweep modes: Logarithmic, linear

Frequency Characteristics:

  1. Sine: 1μHz~25MHz
  2. Square: 1μHz~5MHz
  3. Ramp: 1μHz~400kHz
  4. Pulse: 1μHz~5MHz
  5. Arbitrary: 1μHz~5MHz
  6. Resolution: 1μHz
  7. Accuracy:
    • ±0.5ppm 25℃
    • First-year aging rate: 1ppm
    • Temperature coefficient: ±0.5ppm/℃
  8. Temperature Coefficient: <2ppm/℃
  9. Interfaces: USB Host, USB Device, frequency counter

General Characteristics:

  1. Power: 100~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
  2. Display: 4.3-inch TFT LCD, WVGA (480 x 272)
  3. Color: White and grey
  4. Dimension: 265mm x 110mm x 320mm
  5. weight: 3.2kg

Package Include:

  • 1x signal generator
  • 1x USB interface cable
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x BNC-BNC cable
  • 1x BNC cable with alligator clips

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