YIHUA YH899D-II 2in1 Digital Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun SMD Rework Station Desoldering Welding Tool
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YIHUA YH899D-II 2in1 Digital Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun SMD Rework Station Desoldering Welding Tool

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This Yihua 889D II rework station for de-soldering SMD components such as SOICs, ICs, QFPs. PLCCs and BGAs, but can also be used for any production application requiring controlled hot air such as heat shrinking, lacquer removal and preheating.the highest-end precision PID program is implanted, fast temperature compensation, small error. With internal SMT double-panel process, the process is neat, and the machine stability and safety are higher. The soldering iron will automatically detect its working state.When it is in the static state and reach the sleep time, the soldering iron temperature will automatically drop to 200 °C. It can effectively prevent the iron tip from oxidizing and prolong the service life, saving energy and environmental protection.This iron working time can be set from 0-99 minutes.


  • PID program-controlled temperature control technology
  • Digital temperature correction function
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit switching function
  • Soldering iron sleep function
  • Iron auto sleep function
  • Air gun auto/manual function
  • Temperature Correction function
  • Unique ABS Fan Anti lock
  • In addition to small solder joints such as mobile phone repair, the soldering iron can also be applied to the welding of large solder joints such as computer repair, appliance repair, LED soldering, and large capacitor soldering. The scope of application has been expanded a lot, and almost all solder joints can be applied.


  1. Model: 899D-II
  2. Power Consumption: ≤720W
  3. Voltage: AC 110V±10% 60Hz/AC 220V~240V 50Hz
  4. Dimension: 148x99x134mm (LxWxH)
  5. Weight: 2.8kg
  6. Working Environment 0~40°C/32~104°F
  7. Storage Environment -20~80°C/-4°F~176°F
  8. Store Humidity: 35%~45%

Hot Air Gun:

  1. Airflow type: Brushless fan with soft wind
  2. Air Flow ≤120L/min
  3. Temperature Range: 100°C~480°C
  4. Temperature Stability ±2°C
  6. Display Type Digital Display
  8. The length of the handle line: >=100cm
  • Noise: ≤45dB

Soldering Iron:

  1. Temperature Range: 200°C~480°C
  2. Temperature Stability: ±1°C
  4. Display Type Digital Display
  6. The length of the handle line: >=100cm

Package Include:

  • Soldering Station
  • 1x Soldering iron handle
  • 1x Soldering iron stand
  • 1x High-temperature cleaning sponge
  • 4x Air gun nozzle
  • 1xIC extractor
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Manual

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