YH-1502D+ adjustable voltage Variable DC power supply for Soldering Station
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YH-1502D+ adjustable voltage Variable DC power supply for Soldering Station

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This DC power supply is a kind of switching power supply with LED digital display. It has high precision, high efficiency, light, energy efficiency and environmental protection characteristics. Also it has perfect protection functions, such as over voltage, over temperature and short-circuit protection which can protect the testing load and power supply form damage. It can be used both as constant voltage and constant current dc power supply. What’s more, it’s constant voltage and constant current operation mode can be automatic conversion. It is widely used in LED testing and aging, motor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, battery, dc fan, etc. It is the first choice for school, laboratory and production line.

Power Supply for Mobile Phone Repair

Model: YH-1502D+


  1. Two LED screen separately display current and voltage, provide your with a simple operation, economical and practical, the excellent performance maintenance instrument
  2. 0-15V output function
  3. Voltage 0-15V DC output function
  4. It has 5 / 15V conversion function and have 5V USB interface


  1. Power supply input we can make 110, 220, 230, 240V AC
  2. Biggest power 30W max
  3. Output voltage 0-15V DC
  4. Work temperature -10 to 40 ° C
  5. Empty carry to exhaust <0.25

Package Content:

  1. 1 x DC Power Supply
  2. 1 x Power Cord
  3. Manual

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