UNI T DC Power Supply UTP3313TFL
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UNI T DC Power Supply UTP3313TFL

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UNI T DC Power Supply UTP3313TFL is a single laboratory power supply, i.e. with one DC output voltage regulated in the range from 0V to 30V. This UTP3313TFL power supply, the output voltage can be adjusted smoothly using potentiometers. Current efficiency, i.e. the maximum output current is 3A in the entire output voltage range. So, practically regardless of whether the output voltage is 3.3V or 5.0V or even a maximum 30V, the high voltage power supply, if needed, up to 3A for the powered receiver. This adjustable dc power supply can be used for many electronic devices and modules. The variable voltage dc power supply can be used successfully by hobbyists, amateur electronics as well as when working in laboratories, workshop services. The UTP3313TFL dc power source is equipped with two seven-segment LED displays lit in blue.

Features Of DC Power Supply UNI-T UTP3313TFL 0-30V/ 0-3A:

  • Single power supply.
  • Voltage regulation: from 0 to 30.0V.
  • Voltmeter: voltage display.
  • Potentiometers for smooth regulation of output voltage.
  • Output resolution (settings): 100mV = 0.1V.
  • LED displays in blue.
  • Maximum current efficiency: up to 3A.
  • The ammeter indicates the currently flowing current with a resolution: 10mA = 0.01A.
  • work in C.V. mode (Constant Voltage - output voltage stabilization).
  • work in C.C. mode (Constant Current - output current stabilization).
  • Current Limitation.
  • Auto-Switching Between Voltage and Current Operation.

Specifications Of High Voltage Regulated Power Supply UNI Trend UTP3313TFL:

  1. Output Voltage: 0~30V
  2. Output Current: 0~3A
  3. Overload Effect: 1x 10-4+2mV
  4. Ripple & Noise: ≤0.3mVrms
  5. Regulation CV: 20mV (Typical )
  6. Regulation CC: 50mA (Typical )
  7. Indication Method: LED display also shows the voltage and current values
  8. Reliability MTBF (e): ≥2000 hours
  9. Power Input Voltage: 110VAC / 220VAC
  10. Frequency: 40Hz~60Hz
  11. Product Colour: White and Gray
  12. Product Net Weight: 2.8 Kg
  13. Product Size (W×H×D): 105mm ×160mm × 240mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x UNI-T UTP3313TFL DC Power Supply Single 30V 3A
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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