UNI T UTP3315TFL 30V 5A Variable DC Power Supply
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UNI T UTP3315TFL 30V 5A Variable DC Power Supply

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This is UTP3315TFL Variable power supply which can give 0 to 30v and can provide 0 to 5a. UTP3315TFL adjustable dc power supply has an over-current limitation, which means it will follow output flowing current and limit it to the set value by decreasing its output voltage. This linear dc power supply protection is very usable in lab experiments for professionals and students while designing and developing their circuits. This portable lab power supply has a master-slave tracking, constant voltage, constant current function, steady flow automatically converted, the state will not use any external damage. This best bench power supply is the regulator, the steady flow of automatic conversion, the current limit protection, no external use of any damage. This UNI-T power supply is high stability and strong reliability make them become ideal tools for institutions of higher education, enterprise production lines, household appliance repair companies etc. UTP3315TFL-II is the updated version of UTP3315TFL.

Features Of UTP3315TFL DC Bench Power Supply:

  • Single-channel, 3-bit digital display, shows voltage and current simultaneously
  • Voltage display resolution: 100mV; current display resolution: 10mA
  • Voltage output: 0~30V consecutive and adjustable voltage
  • Current output: 0~5A
  • Auto voltage and current stabilization conversion, current limiting protection, undamaged for any external usage

Specifications Of UNI-T UTP 3315 TFL Variable Voltage DC Power Supply:

  1. Basic Function: UTP3315TFL
  2. Output Voltage: 0~30V
  3. Output Voltage: 0~5A
  4. Load Effect: ≤1×10-4 +2mV
  5. Ripple and Noise: ≤0.3mV
  6. Power Effect: ≤1×10-4 +2mV
  7. Indication Method: Digital Display
  8. Power: 220V±10%,50Hz±4%
  9. Product Color: Ivory White+Grey
  10. Product Net Weight: 2.5kg~3kg(about)
  11. Product Size: 240(depth)mm×160(height)mm×105(width)mm
  12. Standard Accessories: Power Line
  13. Standard Packing: Carton, Manual

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x UNI-T 30V 5A Variable DC Power Supply UTP3315TFL

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