Thyristor Module
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Thyristor Module

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Thyristor Module Overview:

Thyristor products are also called a SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers). A SCR Module is used to control and rectify current in only one direction. The SCR module works like a mechanical switch: it is either on or off. When a current/voltage pulse is applied to the gate of the SCR, it triggers on and starts to conduct. The SCR will continue to conduct even when the gate current is completely removed. The Silicon Controlled Rectifier will turn off once the load current drops below zero.

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Specifications of Thyristor Module:

  1. Current: 25A to 500A
  2. Voltage: 200V to 2000V
  3. High Isolation Voltage (2500V)

Features of Thyristor Module:

  1. Imported Chip
  2. Environmental black gel stable performance
  3. Good electrical conductivity
  4. Strong over-current ability
  5. Low Voltage drop
  6. Good trigger current consistency
  7. Heat Transfer through Aluminium oxide cermaic isolated metal baseplate
  8. High Solder joints for high reliability

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Thyristor Module

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