224j 100v Inductive Polyester Film Capacitor
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224j 100v Inductive Polyester Film Capacitor

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  1. Metalized Polyester Film cl11 capacitor
  2. Small size,good self healing
  3. UL.VDE,ROSH passed
  4. High reliability
  5. Manufactory

PEI inductive polyester film capacitor 100v 224j cl11

  1. Polyester film/foil, inductively wound construction
  2. Dissipation factor is small because the leads are welded directly on the foil.
  3. Epoxy resin vacuum-dipped
  1. Widely used in DC and pulsating circuits of radio
  2. TV sets
  3. ballast
  4. energy-saving lamps
  5. LED converter
  6. and various electronic equipments, like splitter box.
Specifications: Reference Standards: GB6346 (IEC60 384-11) Rated Voltage(UR): 50VD; 100VDC;250VDC;400VDC;630VDC;1000VDC;1250VDC Climate Category 55/105/21 Rated Temperature 85°C Operation Temperature Range: -40°C – +105°C(+85°C to +105°C, decreasing factor 1.25% per°C for VR (dc)) Capacitance Range: 0.001μF – 0.47μF Capacitance Tolerance Range: J(±5%);K(±10%);M(±20%) Dielectric: Polyester Film Dissipation Factor Tanδ: ≤1.0% (20°C 1 KHz) Insulation Resistance(Between Terminals): CR≤0.1µF ≥30000MΩ

CR>0.1µF ≥10000MΩ

(20±5°C 1Min)

Withstand Voltage: 2UR(5S)

Life. Test Conditions:


Capacitance Drift: ≤±5% of The Initial Value

Dissipation Factor C>1μF ≤3% (1KHz)

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224j 100v Inductive Polyester Film Capacitor

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Nona - March 26, 2021

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