2 DOF Short Pan and Tilt Servo Bracket Mount Kit
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2 DOF Short Pan and Tilt Servo Bracket Mount Kit

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This 2 DOF Short Pan And Tilt Servo Bracket Mount Kit is compatible with MG995 and MG996 Servo Motors. It can be used for mounting other sensors such as Ultra-sonic Distance Sensor modules. The Servo bracket system is supplied in un-assembled form and requires a user to install servo motors and camera.


  1. FPV Camera systems
  2. Object tracking Systems
  3. Security Camera application
  4. Ultrasonic Distance measurement and Ultrasonic Radars
  5. Robotic Arm and Robotic Leg applications

Technical Specifications:

  1. Supported Motors: 10kg-cm servos (such as MG995, MG996)
  2. No of Axis: 2 axis
  3. Weight: 51.2gms
  4. No of Metallic Pieces: 2
  5. Material: Metal

Package Includes:

  1. 1 x Long U-Type Servo Bracket
  2. 1 x Multi-function Servo Bracket
  3. 1 set of screws and nuts

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