XL4432-SMT SI4432 Wireless Transceiver Module In Pakistan
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XL4432-SMT SI4432 Wireless Transceiver Module In Pakistan

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Silicon Laboratories’ Si4432 devices are highly integrated, single-chip wireless ISM transceivers. Si4432 is a high-performance EZRadioPRO® family that includes a complete line of transmitters, receivers, and transceivers allowing the RF system designer to choose the optimal wireless part for their application. The Si4432's high level of integration offers reduced BOM cost while simplifying the overall system design. The extremely low receive sensitivity (–121 dBm) coupled with industry-leading +20 dBm output power ensures extended range and improved link performance. Built-in antenna diversity and support for frequency hopping can be used to further extend the range and enhance performance. The Si4430/31/32 offers advanced radio features including continuous frequency coverage from 240–960 MHz in 156 Hz or 312 Hz steps allowing precise tuning control. Additional system features such as an automatic wake-up timer, low battery detector, 64 byte TX/RX FIFOs, automatic packet handling, and preamble detection reduce overall current consumption and allow the use of lower-cost system MCUs. An integrated temperature sensor, general-purpose ADC, power-on-reset (POR), and GPIOs further reduce overall system cost and size. The Si4430/31/32’s digital receive architecture features a high-performance ADC and DSP based modem which performs demodulation, filtering, and packet handling for increased flexibility and performance. The direct digital transmits modulation and automatic PA power ramping ensure precise transmit modulation and reduced spectral spreading ensuring compliance with global regulations including FCC, ETSI, ARIB, and 802.15.4d regulations. An easy-to-use calculator is provided to quickly configure the radio settings, simplifying customer's system design and reducing time to market.

Features Of SI4432 :

  1. XL4432-SMD is based on the company's Silicon relevant information from well-designed professional manufacturing, the most fitting of various characteristics SI4432.
  2. Murata high-frequency device module used in all specifications of inductance and capacitance, the crystal of 10ppm precision specifications ensure that the wireless module features to be fully reflected.
  3. From professional OEM using precision SMT lead- solder cessing, all modules have been professional equipment testing, consistency, and stability of the modules are fully tested.
  4. SPI interface, small size volume, convenient Stamp Interface embedded design, fully extended from your equipment performance to the next level.
Package Include:

1XXL4432-SMT SI4432 High-Speed Wireless Transmission Module Blue for DIY MCU

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