CA-888 Super LCD Power Supply Board In Pakistan
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CA-888 Super LCD Power Supply Board In Pakistan

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CA-888 super LCD power supply board universal power module universal display universal power supply module

Uses: to solve the 15-21-inch LCD monitor power supply maintenance problems

  1. LCD power board damage a large proportion. One of the powers to drive the chip, high-power power switch,
  2. sampling resistor damage is the most common, because of these component models, variety,
  3. often because there is no same spare parts, and can not be repaired.
  4. Should be the majority of customer needs to develop a friend of the general-purpose LCD power supply module.
  5. The module has: wiring is simple, easy to install, save time, improve the success rate of maintenance and so on.
  6. Encountered the maintenance problems of friends may wish to consider the development of this under a universal power supply module.

Second, the pin definition

  1. 1-foot yellow line: DRAIN, power control side, then the original high-power MOS power supply D-pole.
  2. Generally the middle of the power switch tube feet
  3. 2 feet black line or powder line: GND, module ground 300v, then the negative capacitor, the same line can be.
  4. Directly connected to a large filter capacitor negative
  5. 3 feet red line: VCC, the module power supply side, then the feedback winding terminal rectifier capacitor after the positive,
  6. continuous power supply, the voltage between 12-18V.
  7. 4 feet white line: FB, voltage feedback, then optocoupler 4 feet, please check the optocoupler 3 feet heat, not heat,
  8. then put the optocoupler short to the hot ground, while the 4-pin peripheral circuit disconnected.
  9. 5 feet green line: start pin, then +300 v capacitor positive
  10. Customers must be optimistic about the specific connection method after modification, do not blindly random access.
  11. Can not read more than the following comparison to see a few times it!

Third: Use 1. Remove the original power supply chip on the board (usually 8 feet), and the switch (mos tube) 2. Check the 300v capacitor, as well as the capacitance of the load side of the package there is no drum, a problem on the first replacement 3. Check the load side there is no short circuit, ad board, high voltage board 4. Connect the module to the corresponding line, and carefully check that there is no wrong if wrong can cause the module burst 5. Installed in the original location of the radiator, pay attention to insulation, not short-circuit 6. Power, measuring voltage is not the output, there is no output, then check the cause

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