UNI T True RMS Digital Multimeter UT89X

UNI T True RMS Digital Multimeter UT89X

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UNI T True RMS Digital Multimeter UT89X has a temperature measurement function that can be used for an HVAC system inspection.UT89X electronics multimeter is a reliable hand-held 35/6 bit digital multimeter with true RMS sine wave measurement. This 20A high current digital multimeter can measure temperature and detect neutral and live wires with a test lead. UT89X series multimeters also have the traditional multimeter to measure AC and DC current and voltage, resistance, diode, triode, capacitor, frequency, duty cycle and other functions, complete functions and stable performance.

Features Of Professional NCV True RMS Digital Multimeter:

  • Double injection, durable and ergonomic
  • Audible/visual alarm (applied in voltage/currenVcapacitance/diode/transistor/ continuity/NCV/LED measurement)
  • Up to 1000V voltage measurement
  • Up to 20A current measurement
  • NCV measurement with voltage levels can measure voltage down to about AC 12V/50Hz and distinguish live/neutral wires by sensing
  • Up to 100mF capacitance measurement
  • Temperature measurement range: -40-1000 ° C(Only UT89X)
  • LCD auto backlight and flashlight
  • Live wire test(Only UT89X)
  • LCD auto backlight and flashlight
  • (Only UT89XD)

    Specifications Of UT89X Digital Multimeter:

    Package includes:

    • 1 x UNI-T UT89X True RMS Digital Multimeter.
    • 2 x Test leads.
    • 2 x Set of batteries.
    • 1 x K-type temperature probe.
    • 1 x User manual.

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