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UNI T Air Quality Meter PM2.5 A25F

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UNI T Air Quality Meter A25F is a quality meter used to measure PM2.5 concentration. A25F air quality monitor has PM2.5 concentrations are used to display different emoticons on-screen to help users visualize their environmental conditions. This portable air quality meter has the electrochemical principle of accurate monitoring of formaldehyde concentration.A25F air quality detector can be used in homes, laboratories, offices, hotels, schools, factories, conference rooms, airports, hospitals, restaurants, and many other public places.

Features Of Air quality Monitor UNI-T A25F PM2.5 & Formaldehyde:

  • Large LCD screen, LED backlight display, cute emoticons indicate air quality
  • Laser scattering principle accurate measurement of PM2.5
  • Electrochemical principle of accurate monitoring of formaldehyde concentration
  • UNI T Air Quality Meter PM2.5 A25F is Powered with USB rechargeable lithium battery, low battery indication
  • UNI T Air Quality Meter PM2.5 A25F can also measure humidity and temperature, ? and ? units are switchable

Specifications Of PM2.5 Air Quality Humidity Tester For Indoor Outdoor Detect:

  1. M2.5 (ug/m³): 0~100, 101~400, 401~500
  2. M2.5 (ug/m³) accuracy: ±(10ug/m³+10dgts), ±(10%+30dgts), ±(10%+50dgts)
  3. Formaldehyde (mg/m³): 0~0.6, 0.6~2
  4. Formaldehyde (mg/m³) accuracy: ±0.06 mg/m³, ±10%
  5. Temperature (?): 0~2mg/m³
  6. Temperature (?) accuracy: ±1?
  7. Temperature (?): 0~2mg/m³
  8. Temperature (?) accuracy: ±1.8?
  9. Humidity: 5%~99%RH
  10. Humidity accuracy: =0.14mg/m³: ±25%+0.05mg/m³, =0.15mg/m³: ±50%+0.05mg/m³
  11. Auto power off: Yes
  12. Low battery indication: Yes
  13. Red backlight alarm: Yes
  14. LCD backlight: Yes
  15. Concentration emoticon: Yes
  16. Power: 1500mAh rechargeable polymer battery
  17. Display: 42mm x 65mm
  18. Product color: White and grey
  19. Product net weight: 230g
  20. Product size: 75mm x 55mm x 130mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x A25F PM2.5 Meter
  • 1 x 1m Micro Interface Cable

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