UNI-T UT255E Wireless High Low Voltage Hook Ammeter
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UNI-T UT255E Wireless High Low Voltage Hook Ammeter

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UT255E is designed with a hook detector, wireless receiver, and telescopic insulating rod. With telescopic insulating rods connected, it can test leakage current, current, frequency, load, and others for bare conductors, bus bars below 35kV, or cables with safety insulation sheaths below 110kV.

The hook detector is equipped with the built-in double-layer flexible coil, featuring lightweight, high precision, wide range, and good linearity, it can be hung onto the line for testing, especially suitable for detecting transformer load and inspecting leakage current of multi-core thick cables underground or outdoors.


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Features of UT255E Wireless High Low Voltage Hook Ammeter

  • 0~20000A AC current measurement
  • Measurable busbar: Ф168mmx245mm
  • Measurable wire & cable: Max. Ф168mm
  • Wireless transmission distance: 150 meters
  • Frequency: 45Hz~75Hz
  • Data storage: 9999 set
  • 3.5 inch true color LCD
  • Effort-saving hook detector
  • Built-in double-layer flexible coil
  • Sampling rate: 2 times/sec

Technical Specifications of UT255E Wireless High Low Voltage Hook Ammeter

Technical Specifications
AC current
(Auto range)
0~99.9A;10mA ;±2%±5dgt
100A~6000A; 10mA; ±3%±5dgt
6.00kA~20.0kA; 10mA; ±4%±5dgt
Frequency 45Hz~75Hz; 0.1Hz; ±1Hz  (50/60Hz, auto)
Accuracy guaranteed
temperature and humidity
23℃±5℃, below 80%RH
Function 1, High/low voltage leakage current, Current and frequency test;
2, Grounding current test of the iron core, transformer load;
3, Leakage current test of multicore cable.
Testing method Hang the hook-type CT onto the line for testing
Transmission mode 433MHz wireless transmission
Phase detecting distance About 150m (Straight-line distance)
On-line voltage Bare conductor: <35kV
Sheath-insulated cable: <110kV
Large diameter hook Measurable wire & cable.: Max. Ф168mm
Measurable busbar: Ф168mmx245mm
Sample rate 2 times/sec
Screen 3.5 inch true color LCD;
Backlight brightness adjustable
Position error Area A:  No position error;
Area B:  Increase by about 0.2%;
Area C:  Increase by about 2%
Data 9999 set of data can be stored.
Press HOLD button to hold/disable data
Overrange indication “OL A” is displayed
No signal indication The symbol  “—-” is displayed dynamically
Power Lithium battery (with USB charging port)
When low voltage, the low voltage symbol is displayed
About 10 hours working time;
Auto power off if no operation in 15 minutes.
Weight Hook detector: 496g (including battery)
Receiver: 395g (including battery)
Insulation rod: 1.45kg
Total weight: 11.5kg (including ammeter box)
Dimension Hook detector:  310 × 270 × 52mm (L*W*H)
Receiver: 250 × 100 × 40mm (L*W*H)
Insulation rod size Stretched length: about 5m
Retracted length: about 1m
Operating temperature
and humidity
 -10℃~40℃;below 80%Rh
Storage temperature
and humidity
 -10℃~60℃;below 70%Rh
Signal Interference No 433MHz co-channel signal interference
Insulation strength Insulation rod: AC 110kV/rms
Detector: 2000V/rms
Receiver: 2000V/rms
Structural design Anti-drip type II

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