Hybrid Step Servo Motor Driver 2HSS858H NEMA 24 NEMA34 Closed Loop in Pakistan
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Hybrid Step Servo Motor Driver 2HSS858H NEMA 24 NEMA34 Closed Loop in Pakistan

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Hybrid Step Servo Motor Driver 2HSS858H integrates servo control technology into the digital step driver. This Closed Loop Hybrid stepper servo drive system adopts typical tricyclic control method which include current loop, speed loop and position loop. This product has the advantage of both step and servo system and is a highly cost-effective motion control product.


  1. Voltage range: 50-90VAC
  2. Type:Hybrid
  3. Certification:CCC,ce
  4. Phase:2
  5. Step Angle(degrees):1.8
  6. Current / Phase:6A
  7. Model Number:86J18118EC-1000+2HSS858H
  8. Holding Torque:12Nm
  9. Suitable for motor model:nema24, nema 34 stepper servo motor
  10. Drive 86 seat hybrid servo motor


  1. Cooling: Natural Cooling or Forced Convection
  2. Storage Space:Avoid dust, oil frost and corrosive gases
  3. Ambient Temperature: -20°C - +80°C
  4. Humidity: <80%RH
  5. Vibration: 5.9m/s² Max
  6. Weight: Approx. 1.5kg


  1. External digital debug panel for easy parameter setting and monitoring
  2. Closed loop vector control to ensure high speed motor torque output, while ensuring that the motor does not lose step
  3. Variable current control, motor heating greatly reduced
  4. No step loss
  5. precise positioning,
  6. 100% rated torque drive motor
  7. variable current control technology
  8. high current efficiency, small vibration, low speed stable operation
  9. built-in acceleration and deceleration control, improve the smooth start and stop
  10. the user can customize the segmentation
  11. Compatible with 1000 and 2500 lines encoder
  12. Lack of phase protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and over differential protection.
  13. 6- number digtal, easy to set parameter and monitor motor status.

Typical applications:

  1. CNC machine
  2. cutting machine
  3. engraving machine
  4. Advertising industry
  5. Engraving
  6. packaging
  7. lasers
  8. electron industry
  9. medical industry
  10. Printing industry
  11. woodworking
  12. machinery industry
  13. Ceramic Industry
  14. stone industry and so on.

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1 x Step Servo Driver

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