Stepper Motor Driver Signal Generator 8V To 24V
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Stepper Motor Driver Signal Generator 8V To 24V

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  1. Stepper Motor Driver Signal generator module is a pulse generation module, supplies the control signal to the stepper driver.
  2. To control the stepper motor, it must be equipped with a drive.
  3. This simple controller + stepper motor + DC power supply can be composed of a simple set of control platforms.
  4. The controller has high 5.4k-160khz, middle 540-16.6khz, a low 80-2.4khz total of 3 kinds of low-frequency signal that can be used to select the jumper.
  5. It can produce a pulse signal, can also produce a PWM signal, can choose the jumper.
  6. The frequency of measurement: PUL and common cathode end

Different stepper driver may mark different name EN=ENA=FREE Enable PUL=PULS=CLK Pulse DIR=CW=CWW Direction

Common anode Connection method (B)

EN+ PUL+ DIR+ connect together to com+。 EN- connect EN PUL- connect CLK DIR- connect DIR

Common cathode Connection method (B) EN- PUL- DIR- connect together to com-。 EN+ connect EN PUL+ connect CLK DIR+ connect DIR

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1x Stepper Motor Driver Signal Generator 8V To 24V

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