USED Tenma 72-7660 30V 10A Variable DC Power Supply
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USED Tenma 72-7660 30V 10A Variable DC Power Supply

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This is a variable power supply also called bench power supply, made by Tenma model no 72-7660, capable of producing Variable DC Volts on its output. Variable and regulated power supplies have integrated voltage regulators for output. This translates into the regulator making sure that the output voltage will always stay at the rated value of the power supply, irrespective of the current that the device is consuming. Because of the internal regulators, output voltages do not change due to any changes in input voltage.

Each of your target devices may need a different amount of power (or DC voltage/ amperage) to function, meaning the power supply has to regulate the voltage to keep your device from overheating.




Input Voltage VAC 108V to 132V No. of Outputs 3 No. of Outlets 3 Output Current Max 10A Output Current Min 0A Output Voltage 30V Output Voltage Max 31. 5V Output Voltage Min 0V Power Supply Output Type Adjustable, Fixed Device Height 115mm Device Length 335mm Device Width 205mm Approximate shipment weight ~5Kg

Package includes:


Power Supply 1x

Transformer 110V

Note: The transformer is included to make it compatible with the prevailing voltage standard.

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Asad Ullah - March 26, 2021

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