Tilt Sensor Module in Pakistan

Tilt Sensor Module in Pakistan

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  1. Tilt Angle Module Vibration Sensor Module for Arduino STM32 AVR,Pic
  2. Size:As the picture shown
  3. With 2pcs 20cm cable
  4. Working Voltage: 3.3-12V
  5. Quantity:1Set


All kinds of products tilt, dumping trigger alarm, dumping power sensor, tilt sensor. (can only perceive the angle changed)

Module features:

  1. , using high sensitive angle switch SW-520D as the sensor.
  2. , the comparator output, the signal is clean, the waveform is good, the driving ability is strong, more than 15mA.
  3. , working voltage 3.3V-5V
  4. , output mode: digital switching output (0 and 1)
  5. with a fixed bolt hole, easy to install
  6. small size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm PCB
  7. using a wide voltage LM393 comparator
  8. Module instruction
  9. the module wiring please look at the following wiring diagram, a detailed description;
  10. the module output switch depends on the angle of the switch on and off, when the angle switch off, DO output high level, the angle of the switch, DO output low level;
  11. the output can be directly connected with the microcontroller, through the microcontroller to detect high or low level, which is to detect the angle of change;
  12. the output can be directly driven by the relay module, which can be composed of a large power angle switch, protection of electrical equipment and other products automatically cut off when the function.

Package includes:

1xTilt Sensor Module

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Tatheer Ul Mehdi - March 26, 2021

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