7mm Photocell Photoresistor LDR Light Dependent Resistor Sensor

7mm Photocell Photoresistor LDR Light Dependent Resistor Sensor

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LDR or Light Dependent Resistors are very useful especially in light/dark sensor circuits. Normally the resistance of an LDR is very high, sometimes as high as 1000 000 ohms, but when they are illuminated with light resistance drops dramatically.

To use, connect one side of the photo cell (either one, its symmetric) to power (for example 5V) and the other side to your microcontroller's analog input pin. Then connect a 10K pull-down resistor from that analog pin to ground. The voltage on the pin will be 2.5V or higher when its light out and near ground when its dark.

This sensor can be used for making a light sensor

  1. color sensor
  2. object sensor
  3. line sensor, etc .
  1. Resistance: 5-10k
  2. Resistance Tolerance: 0.1
  3. Rated Power: 50W
  4. Max voltage: 150V
  5. Max power: 150W
  6. Light resistance (10Lux) (KΩ): 5-10K
  7. Resistance Tolerance: 0.1
  8. Operating Temperature: -30~+70degree
  9. Model number: 7mm
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