DSN-VC288 Panel Mount DC 100V 10A Voltmeter Ammeter
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DSN-VC288 Panel Mount DC 100V 10A Voltmeter Ammeter

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This is 0.28″ 5 Wires Red Led Digital Dual DC 100V 10A Ammeter Voltmeter. This meter will measure up to 100 VDC with a 0.1-volt resolution. One thing to note is, this meter has 2 wiring harnesses. One harness is to provide power for the meters, that’s the 2 poles with a RED and a BLACK lead. Small size, portable, the magnitudes of voltage and current are displayed on the same screen at the same time.

This can be supplied anywhere from 6 volts DC up to 30 VDC. This is a separate power supply that is isolated from the source, it is possible to use the same supply but it seems to affect the amp meter reading. The 3 wire harness is used for a ground that connects directly to the battery or supply ground of the load.

Specifications Of DSN-VC288 DC 100V 10A Voltmeter Ammeter:

  • Voltage measurement range: 0.0V-100V
  • Current test range: 0-999mA, 0-10A
  • Power supply range: DC4-30.0V
  • Voltage error: ±0.1%
  • Current error: ±1%
  • Working current: < 20mA
  • Refresh rate: about 300mS once
  • Display mode: double three-digit 0.28" LED digital tube
  • Display color: red + red, red + blue. Optional
  • Lead length: 15cm
  • Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 22 mm
  • Mounting hole: 46 x 27 mm
  • Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 65 ° C

Package Included:

  • 1 x Mini Digital Voltmeter Ammeter

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