Data Cable Micro USB Type B with Magnet Charging wire with magnetic clip
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Data Cable Micro USB Type B with Magnet Charging wire with magnetic clip

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Micro USB Data Cable Type-B with Magnet Charging wire with magnetic clip

Data cables are widely used to transfer data to and from your mobile devices to PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, Computers, Digital Cameras, DSLR, Printers, Power Banks, USB fans, Accessories, etc.

This data/ charging cable is popular for charging or data transfer for smartphones, mobile phones, Android phones and others; this one has an interesting design! It is supplied with a USB Type-B magnetic latch-on connector that can be pretty useful if you guessed it right. Whenever the data cable is stretched beyond its length, the cable shall not be damaged but instead it can detach its micro connector plugged into your device and allow the magnet to let go of the rest of the cable without breaking.

Features and Specifications:

  1. 9V, 3A (Volts, Amperes)
  2. Magnetic port keeps attached to device, reduces port wear and tear
  3. Magnetic port keeps device micro usb new and free of dirt, rust and dust
  4. Cable length: 1m (1000mm)
  5. Side A= Type B USB male
  6. Side B= magnetically attached Type B micro USB

Package includes:

  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Magnetic connector
  • 1x detaching lever (plastic)

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