D3806 Variable Digital Power Supply
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D3806 Variable Digital Power Supply

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DPS3806 DC-DC buck-boost module is a digitally-displayed digital buck-boost module with small size, high power, high efficiency, and stable operation. The characteristic of this module is that the output voltage can be kept constant when the input voltage is lower than, higher than, equal to the output voltage. Input 10V-40V to output 0-38V, current 0.001-6A; and add high-speed microcontroller The precision measurement calculation can accurately adjust the output voltage and current and has 10 sets of storage positions, which can store and recall parameters at any time for convenient use. Equipped with four 8-segment LED digital tubes, it can display voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters in real-time. At the same time, the machine has automatic output after power-on, automatic wheel display parameters and other functions, which can be turned on or off according to the needs of users.

  1. Adopt advanced microprocessor to accurately adjust the output voltage and current;
  2. both boosting and stepping down;
  3. all-digital display, easy to use;
  4. with constant pressure, constant current state;
  5. using 4-bit high-brightness digital tube, real-time display of output voltage, current, power and capacity parameters;
  6. automatic/manual switching display voltage, current, power, capacity, and other parameters;
  7. with output OUT, constant voltage CV, constant current CC indicator, you can view the working status in real-time;
  8. can be set whether to automatically output after power-on;
  9. can save the current set voltage and current value with one button
  10. with memory save function, can store 10 sets of parameters, and can be stored and transferred freely;
  11. the boost mode input current is up to 8A, so if the output voltage is higher than the input, the output current may not reach 6A at this time. For the specific calculation, see the following example.



Example: The module input current is up to 8A. When the input voltage is 24V, the input power is 192W. Output power = input power * conversion efficiency = 192W * 0.85 = 163W, If the output voltage is set to 38V; the maximum output current can reach approximately 4.289A and is continuously adjustable.

Performance Testing:

The biggest highlight of this product is that it can automatically lift and lower the pressure. Below we demonstrate using a 24V notebook power adapter to power our module, first output a 5V 1A

After the constant current output is 1A, the voltage is pulled down to 4.9302V, which is caused by the voltage drop on the line, which is normal.

Boost to 30V and output 1A current

After the constant current output is 1A, the voltage is pulled down to 29.881V, which is caused by the voltage drop on the line, which is normal.

So as long as you have a 10V-40V preamp power supply, such as the most popular notebook power adapter, you can get a 0-38V digital adjustable, high precision power supply, think about it is a little excited

Package Include:

1XD3806 digital control DC constant current power supply adjustable buck-boost module voltage ammeter 38V6A charger

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