433MHz LoRa SX1278 With Antenna XL1278 SMT SPI Interface Long Range Transceiver Wireless Module in Pakistan
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433MHz LoRa SX1278 With Antenna XL1278 SMT SPI Interface Long Range Transceiver Wireless Module in Pakistan

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SX1278 wireless module is SEMTECH's latest LoRaTM modulation technology wireless chip, the module in addition to the traditional GFSK modulation technology, but also uses the LoRa (remote) spread spectrum technology, with ultra-long distance spread spectrum communication, high anti-interference And minimizes current consumption. Using LoRaTM mode can achieve high -148dbm high sensitivity, and with integrated +20 dBm power output, you can achieve low-power ultra-long distance transmission, the module is suitable for any complex environment of wireless data transmission applications, such as: Table, intelligent home control, automotive electronics, security alarm, industrial monitoring and control systems, long-range agricultural irrigation control systems and other applications. The module can be easily embedded into the customer's existing product or system design, the standard SPI interface, making communication easy and concise. Customers only in the original micro-control device to compile a simple communication protocol, you can achieve two-way communication to achieve data transmission.

Specifications Details:

  1. FSK / GFKS technology, LoRa (remote) spread spectrum technology
  2. Half duplex communication
  3. Super anti-jamming (channel rejection ratio: 56db)
  4. High Receive Sensitivity -139dbm. (32M Passive 10ppm Crystal)
  5. ISM multi-band, no need to apply for frequency free use.
  6. Multi-frequency optional, a variety of transmission rate. Can be used in FDMA and FM technology.
  7. Intelligent reset, low voltage monitoring, timer wakeup, low power mode, sleep mode
  8. Low power consumption to accept current: 10-12mA
  9. 256-bit FIFO TX / RX
  10. RSSI channel detection function
  11. Transmission mode: FIFO / direct mode (recommended FIFO pack mode)
  12. Configuration: AFC / air wake-up function / low power consumption / carrier sense / FEC error correction / AEC encryption
  13. Ultra-long distance transmission open up to 5KM.
  14. Module size: 17 * 16.5mm

Three: product applications

1) remote control and remote data acquisition system

2) wireless meter reading (water meter, meter, gas meter)

3) wireless ordering machine, oil field, mining area, site, factory and other original 485/232 interface system

4) industrial data acquisition, transmission, intelligent control system

5) wireless alarm system

6) intelligent furniture system

7) Infant surveillance system / hospital paging system

8) wireless small data transmission system

Four: interface definition

order   definition   description   Remarks

1   GND   Signal ground

2   DIO1   Digital I / O, can be customized

3   DIO2   Digital I / O, can be customized

4   DIO3   Digital I / O, can be customized

5   VCC   power supply     3.3V(1.8-3.6V)

6   MISO   SPI data output

7   MOSI   SPI data output

8   SCK   SPI clock input

9   NSS   SPI chip select

10   DIOO   Digital I / O, can be customized   Refer to the procedure for interruption

11   REST   Reset

12   REST   reset

13   GND   Signal ground

14   DIO4   Digital I / O, can be customized

15   DIO5   Digital I / O, can be customized

16   ANT   Antenna interface   The front end of the module External interface

Five: parameter performance

project       description   Minimum value   Typical value   The maximum value   unit

Operating Voltage           1.8   3.3     3.6     V

Operating temperature           -20   25     70     °

working frequency          410   433     525     MHZ

Transmit power           19   20     20.5     DBM

Receiving sensitivity   FSK @1.2K
       Frequency deviation 5K      -121       DBM

      Lora @ 146bps
     BW = 62.5KHZ           -139        DBM
     SF = 12

      Lora @ 293bps
     BW = 125KHZ           -133        DBM
     SF = 12

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1 piece 433mhz Lora SX1278 Module With Antenna

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