X9C104 Digital Potentiometer Module In Pakistan
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X9C104 Digital Potentiometer Module In Pakistan

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In various bridge circuit, in order to adjust the bridge balance, the potentiometer must be adjusted many times, can the balance bridge, during use, when the potentiometer is subjected to vibration, shock, temperature, humidity and other external environmental factors, the potential of the location and parameters will change, causing the system to change the index, for the system to reach the status quo, must be adjusted, which caused a lot of inconvenience to use, for the bridge arm circuit using an array of potentiometers and digital technology, not only to overcome the above drawbacks, but also can greatly improve the accuracy of the system. X9C104 100 order digital potentiometer, specifically X9C102 / 103/104/503 series, the resistance in the range of 40R ~ 100K, X9C104 contains 99 internal resistor arrays, there is slid in between each unit and the two endpoints tap access point unit, the position of the slide unit by the CS, U / D and INC three inputs control, but a location is selected, can be stored in non-volatile memory and can be recalled after the power on next time. Digital potentiometer changes are stepped or incremental change in resistance changes linearly. For example X9C104, resistance range 40R ~ 100K, divided into 100 bands, the incremental point for each tap 1010R. Temperature compensation function: resistance error endpoints: ± 20%; wiper position data can be stored for long periods, the time for 100 years; resistance higher resolution: 1%.


  1. Working voltage (V): 5
  2. Total resistance (kΩ): 100
  3. The terminal voltage (V): -5 ~ 5
  4. The number of taps: 100
  5. Interface: CS, U / D, INC
  6. The increase in resistance mode: Linear
  7. Operating Current (mA): 3
  8. Package / Temperature ( 'c): 8SOIC / -40 ~ 85
  9. Description: tap position automatic storage

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1xX9C104 digital Potentiometer module

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