Wall Mount PIR Motion Sensor Switch

Wall Mount PIR Motion Sensor Switch

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The PIR Motion Sensor Switch can detect the Infrared Rays released by human body. The light or any other electrical appliance can be activated automatically by the active presence of a human body within the detection range / coverage area & when there is no presence the light will be deactivated automatically.

  1. PIR Motion Sensor for Automatic Light Control:PIR Motion Sensor is a fully automatic indoor and outdoor security / courtesy light controller capable of controlling up to 500W incandescent or 30W x 10 fluorescent of lighting in day as well as at night. The built in Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor turns on the connected lighting system when it detects motion in its coverage area. During the day, the built in Photocell Sensor (Optional) saves electricity by deactivating the lights. You can reduce your electricity bills by using PIR Motion Sensors & Occupancy.
  2. An adjustable time knob lets you select how long the light stays on after activation & thus stops the wastage of electricity.
  3. PIR Motion Sensor for Security of Houses:If PIR Motion Sensor is installed in front yard or back yard of your house, it works as Security Sensor in nights. As if any body jumps or sneaks within its detection range, the connected lights / Sirens or beeps can be activated automatically to create Panic to the Intruder.
  4. As an Energy Saving Sensor:By the use of PIR Sensor, considerable energy can be saved by switching off the lights when the space is not in use. Savings are huge in larger facilities.
Working Principle:
  1. The PIR Sensor senses the motion of a human body by the change in surrounding ambient temperature when a human body passes across.
  2. Then it turns on the lighting load to which it is connected.
  3. The lighting load will remain ON until it senses motion.
  4. Once the motion is seized it switches OFF the lighting load.
  5. During the night, the LUX adjustment knob allows you to adjust the luminosity based on which the lighting load will either switch on / off automatically.
  1. Common toilets, for lights & exhaust fans
  2. Common staircase / Entrance / Basements
  3. Parking areas / garden lights
  4. Living room, Malls, ATMS
  5. Changing rooms in shops
  6. Offices / Conference Room
  7. Corridors & many more !
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Wall Mount PIR Motion Sensor Switch

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