W1209WK W2809 Temperature Controller
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W1209WK W2809 Temperature Controller

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This is W1209WK Temperature Controller also names as W2809 Temperature Controller is very useful product for eggs incubators, Which have waterprooff temperature sensor prob and its also useable as thermostate and other temperature control applications.


  1. Temperature Measurement Range:-50℃ ~ 110℃
  2. Measurement Accuracy:± 0.1℃
  3. Control Accuracy:0.1℃
  4. Return Difference Accuracy:0.1℃
  5. High -temperature Protection:0-110℃
  6. Input Voltage: DC 12V
  7. Output:20A Relay
  8. Measurement Input:NTC (10K 0.5%)water proof sensor
  9. Size:48 mm(length)*29mm(width)*22mm(depth)
  10. Opening size:46*26.5mm

Package Includes:

W2809 with its Temperature Prob.

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Bilal Khurshid - March 26, 2021

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