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USB to RS485 Converter

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The USB to RS485 Converter Adapter module support WIN7 XP Vista Linux Mac OS  provides an easy to use RS485 interface by means of a Virtual Com Port on the user’s system. There are no command structures, whatever is sent to the Virtual Comm Port is automatically converted to RS485 and vice versa. The module is completely self-powered from the USB bus. Controlling / Communicating with RS-485 devices from your PC has never been easier! This device is plug-and-play. It shows up as a serial/com port and is accessible from applications or hyper-terminal. This converter provides half-duplex RS-485 communication. The Baud rate range is 75 bps to 115200 bps, maximum up to 6 Mbps. No need of external power supply for operation.

Specifications and Features:

  • USB to RS485 Converter Adapter    
  • USB connector: to your PC    
  • RS485 connector: to your RS485 device    
  • No need external power, powered by USB port    
  • Fully compliant USB 2.0 standard , backward compatible with USB1.1    
  • Support System: Windows XP , Vista, Windows 7 , Linux , MacOS , and WinCE5.0 drive    
  • Supports baud rate range : 75bps – 115200bps , up to 6Mbps    
  • Supports Plug , Play and hot-swap ( USB side) ;    
  • Better than using CH341D chip or similar chip to support the laptop USB port .    
  • Communication distance up to 1.2KM, with anti-jamming performance of industrial site ;    
  • Work temperature range: -40°C ~ +85°C    
  • Communication distance :1200m(max)    
  • Dimension:6.1×1.6×1.3cm    
  • Color: Black

Applications :

  • All kinds with RS485 port device parameter settings , data communication Short distance, such as parameter settings of the computer peripheral equipment , the use of common data lines can be .
  • A and A port of the device when the wiring is connected , B and device B connected . Some devices D + A and D, – B .    
  • LED display of communication data    
  • Machine PLC data reading and writing    
  • Monitoring data read and write , and PTZ control    
  • Centralized control of household electrical appliances    
  • Access Control System ; card    
  • A variety of industrial automation ; instrumentation    
  • Parking ; bus fees    
  • Dining Hall ; staff attendance    
  • Highway toll station; ATM machine

Package Includes :

  • 1 x USB to RS485 Converter.

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