UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315
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UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315

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UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315 is designed with an acceleration sensor and digital measurement circuit. UT-315 portable vibration meter, it’s mainly used in measuring the vibration of mechanical equipment, velocity, and acceleration. The measured data from this vibrometer are compared with the national, international, corporate, machinery working standard to decide the condition (good, note or dangerous, etc.) of the machine(fan, pump, compressor, motor, etc.). This handheld vibration analyzer can be widely used in mechanical manufacturing, electric power, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, aerospace and other fields. This vibration checking meter is the ideal measurement tool for purchasing inspection, operation monitoring and maintenance for the rotating machinery equipment

Features Of UNI-T UT315 Digital Vibration Tester Vibrograph Vibrometer:

  • UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315 Can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement.
  • UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315 Can select different vibration frequency.
  • UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315 has a High sensitivity sensor probe makes measurement accurate.
  • Auto power off.
  • Data hold.
  • LCD backlight.
  • Max mode.
  • Data storage: 1,999 groups of data.
  • USB interface.
  • UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315 Equipped with long and short probes for different field measurements.
  • UNI T Vibration Tester Meter UT315 Equipped with magnet pedestal for ergonomic purpose.
  • Complies with CE (European Union) directives.

Specifications Of Best Vibration Meter UT-315 Vibration Analyzer:

  1. Acceleration: 0.1~199.9m/s2 (10Hz~10kHz) ±(5%+2)
  2. Velocity: 0.01~19.99cm/s (10Hz~1kHz) ±(5%+2)
  3. Displacement: 0.001~1.999mm (10Hz~500Hz) ±(5%+2)
  4. Display Count: 2000
  5. Auto Power Off: Yes
  6. Low Battery Indication: Yes
  7. Data hold: Yes
  8. Max Mode: Yes
  9. Datalogging: 1999
  10. Data Recall: Yes
  11. USB Interface: Yes
  12. Display Backlight: Yes
  13. Power: 9V battery
  14. Size: 166x80x30mm
  15. LCD Size: 57x37mm
  16. Weight: 365g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x UNI-T UT315 vibration tester
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Long probe
  • 1 x Short probe
  • 1 x Sensor
  • 1 x Magnet stand
  • 1 x Carrying bag

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