Micro Roller Lever Arm Open Close Limit Switch Micro Switch
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Micro Roller Lever Arm Open Close Limit Switch Micro Switch

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This is Micro Roller Lever Arm Open Close Limit Switch also called Microswitch is commonly used limit switch in all over the electro-mechanical projects. This can work as limit switch of a cnc machine, A 3d printer and other applications.

Item Detail:

  1. Operating temperature: -40°C to 70°C
  2. Rated voltage: AC 125V-250V
  3. Current rating: 5A
  4. Size (L X W X H): 20mm x 10mm x 6mm
  5. PCB Terminals Circuit Board
  6. With Roller Lever Limit


Contact spacing is small,short-stroke action, according to the power of small,fast-break


  1. Apply in A computer mouse, car mouse, automobile electronic products, communications equipment,
  2. military products, test instrument, gas water heater, gas burner, small home appliance,
  3. microwave oven, electric rice cooker, floating ball supporting equipment,
  4. medical equipment, building automation, electric tools, ect.

Working principle:

  1. By external mechanical force transmission elements (by pins, buttons, levers, rollers, etc.) will be used to force action on a reed,
  2. Producing reed instantaneous action when the action shifted to the critical point,
  3. so moving contact with the fixed contact spring at the end of the action point fast on or off.
  4. When the force is removed on the drive components,
  5. Action reed produce reverse action force transmission element reverse stroke
  6. The action reaches a critical point reed, instantaneous reverse action

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