Focusable 2Watt or 2000mWatt 405nm Infrared IR Laser Diode Dot Module 12V+ TTL+ Fan Cooling Laser Module For CNC Engraving Machine

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Focusable 2000mW 445nm 450nm blue laser module TTL Wood carving Cutter Engraving. Its suitable for any kinds of DIY carving Cutter Engraving:cut paper,cut plastic and engraving wood,also could cut many other materials , such as balsa wood, foam , EVA , textile etc;

Item Description:

  1. Output Wavelength:445nm~450nm;
  2. Output Power:2000mW;
  3. Laser Shape: DOT
  4. Adjust the focus:Yes,Dot <0.5mm at 1CM~30CM;
  5. Working Voltage:DC12V ;
  6. Power supply:>2A;
  7. TTL:Yes,white cable at + and Blue cable at -;
  8. TTL signal input 0~5V input; (make sure input TTL level PWM digital signal)
  9. TTL logic:when input a high level signal(2~5V) OR unconnected,laser ON; when
  10. input a low level signal (0V),laser OFF;
  11. Frequency for TTL control:0-20KHz;
  12. Duty cycle:input 1%-100%;
  13. Cooling mode:Heatsink and Fan;
  14. Material:Metal;
  15. Lens:Glass
  16. Lifepan:>5000 hours;
  17. Red cable at "+",Black cable at "-";
  18. Size:Laser Module:72*42*42mm;
  19. Size:Driver board:82*48*40mm;
  20. Working Temperature:+10dgC-+40dgC


1 X 450nm 2000mW laser module with TTL Driver board

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shoaib - March 26, 2021

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