Capacitive Touch Button Module
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Capacitive Touch Button Module

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Blue HTTM series capacitive touch switch button module 2.7 V to 6 V module anti-jamming is strong

Product Description

HTTM series touch-key module has the following features:

1. No mechanical components, don’t wear out, an infinite life, reduce maintenance cost;

2. Its sensing part can be placed into any insulation layer (usually a glass or plastic material), it is easy to make and surroundings are sealed the keyboard, to play the role of moisture proof and waterproof;

3. The panel design is follow one’s inclinations, arbitrary button size, shape, design, characters, trademarks, such as the perspective window arbitrary collocation, make product integral feeling is stronger;

4. Compared with physical keys, touch keys are less likely to damage;

5. You can change on the back of the resistance, adjust the signal output is latched output or keep output (see 3.3.2 rainfall distribution on 10-12);

6. + 2.7 V ~ + 6 V input voltage range wide, + 3.3 V output signal, can be directly used to drive the relay, optical coupling, LED lights, such as the original;

7. – 30 ~ + 70 ° temperature range of work;

8. A touch sensitive, no lag, time delay, flash and other adverse reactions;

9. The built-in anti-jamming algorithm, has good anti-interference performance.

Package Included

1pcs HTTM series capacitive touch switch button module

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Adnan Irshad - March 26, 2021

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