Alters FPGA board alters fpga development kit EP4CE6E22C8N Cyclone Board IV Board

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Specifications of Alters FPGA board EP4CE6E22C8N Cyclone Board IV Board:

1. Integrated EP4CE6E22C8N chip 2. Integrated JTAG interface, SOF download or. JIC 3. integrated 50 MHZ active crystal 4. integrated 4-key input

5 with 5 V to 3.3 V-chip AMS1117-3.3 6. 5 V power supply with switch 7. 20 IO pins 8 LED on-board 12-bit light emitting diode (making water and other experiments) 9 LED digital tube 8-bit on board (for dynamic or static digital control display experiment, frequency meter;

10 On board up to the Timbre (for experimental sound)

11 dedicated MAX232 serial communication circuit board (and other systems to do the serial communication experiment)

12 Integrated PS / 2 double keyboard port (PS / 2 keyboard test) 13 1602 LCD LCD character interface (characters show experimental character) 14 12864LCD LCD board interface (as the Chinese characters show experiences)

15 VGA screen

16 1X8 switch

17 EPCS16 / o M25P16 savings program (if the energy saving program)

Demonstration source code through a link to you.

Example code/Source You can download disk online

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Tatheer Ul Mehdi - March 26, 2021

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