A1104E Hall Effect Sensor Module

A1104E Hall Effect Sensor Module

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The Allegro® A1104 Hall-effect switches are next-generation replacements for the popular Allegro 312x and 314x lines of unipolar switches. The A110x family, produced with BiCMOS technology, consists of devices that feature fast power-on time and low-noise operation. Device programming is performed after packaging, to ensure increased switch point accuracy by eliminating offsets that can be induced by package stress. Unique Hall element geometries and low-offset amplifiers help to minimize noise and to reduce the residual offset voltage normally caused by device over molding, temperature excursions, and thermal stress. The A1104 and Hall-effect switches include the following on a single silicon chip: voltage regulator, Hall-voltage generator, small-signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and NMOS output transistor. The integrated voltage regulator permits operation from 3.8 to 24 V.


  1. Continuous-time operation
  2. Fast power-on time
  3. Low noise
  4. Stable operation over the full operating temperature range
  5. Reverse battery protection
  6. Solid-state reliability
  7. Factory-programmed at end-of-line
  8. for optimum performance
  9. Robust EMC performance
  10. High ESD rating
  11. Regulator stability without a bypass capacitor


Package Includes:

1x A1104E Hall effect sensor module

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Adeel - March 26, 2021

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