12v Power Supply Module PCB Mount
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12v Power Supply Module PCB Mount

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Power supply modules are used to convert AC power into usable DC power so that the system to be powered may operate properly. ... It is also there for safety reasons so that power grid high voltages are not (usually) present inside an electronic system. This PCB Mount 12v Power Supply is for the isolation module power, with temperature protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection, high and low Voltage isolation. It is small in size and has a stable performance.


  1. Module Properties: Ultra-small, Precision, isolated Switch Power Supply, AC to DC Buck module, With indicator
  2. Input voltage:AC 90V~250V 50/60HZ
  3. Output voltage:DC 12V (0.2V)
  4. Output Current:400mA


  1. 1.Working Temperature:-20 ~ 60
  2. 2.Relative Humidity 40 ~ 90%RH
  3. 3.Technical Requirements
  4. - Input Voltage Range:90~ 265v
  5. - Input Current:
  6. 0.0273A(AC110V)
  7. 0.014A(AC220V)
  8. Input Inrush Current: 20A
  9. Output Voltage Range:11.80~12.1V 0~500mA
  10. Output Power:0 ~4.8W
  11. Output Efficiency:80%
  12. Input Voltage Of AC85 ~ 265v 50/60 HZ
  13. Output Voltage DC12V (0.1V)
  14. Output Current 400MA

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1x 12v Power Supply Module PCB Mount

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