12V 50W Worm Gear Motor
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12V 50W Worm Gear Motor

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Overview of 12V 50W Worm Gear Motor:

These are traditionally built and used for car wipers, but they can also be run as a highly efficient worm drive motor.This particular unit has extremely tight tolerances (zero backlash) and an ultra smooth motor and gearbox. While it is operating you can barely hear it, that's how quiet the motor and gearbox are.This smaller unit has a rating of 5nM, and will overdrive to a maximum (and stall at) 29nM. It is an extremely powerful motor for its small size.It operates from 12V and has 2 operational speeds (either 45 RPM or 65 RPM - User selectable speeds).These are a good choice if you are on a budget simply for the fact you can overdrive them with little more than some extra current. The worm will actually stall at 29Nm but it will only hold torque to about 80% of its rated load (so between 4-5nM).

Specifications of 12V 50W Worm Gear Motor:

Rating Voltage 12V
Rating Power 50W
No Load Current 2.0/2.5A
No Load Speed 45/65 +/- 5 RPM
Load Current 6.5/7.5A 3.5/5A
Load Speed 40/60 +/- 5
RPM Stall Current 31A (max)
Stall Torque 29NM (min)

Wiring of Worm Gear Motor is as follows:

  1. Fast RPM: Black wire + Green wire
  2. Slow RPM: Black wire + Blue wire
  3. Reverse Polarity: to reverse the polariity, simply exchange the position of the battery postivie for the battery negative

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 12V 50W Worm Gear Motor


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