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12mm WS2811 Diffused Digital RGB Pixel LED Light

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12mm WS2811 Diffused Digital RGB Pixel LED Light is great for decoration, advertising lights and this Pixel LED Light product can be used to make advertisement board outdoor to make any letters you want. It has UCS1903B chip inside so you need to use a programmable controller to control it.

Features & Specifications of 12mm WS2811 Diffused Digital RGB Pixel LED Light:

  1. Diameter: 12mm (0.45") 38mm deep (1.5")
  2. 80mm / 3" apart on the strand
  3. 25 pieces per strand
  4. New! These pixels use a WS2801 chip for full 24-bit colour
  5. 5V power, 60mA maximum per pixel (LED on full white)
  6. 2-pin SPI-like protocol
  7. WS2801 for the chip inside each pixel
  8. IP Grade: IP68 Waterproof
  9. Required Voltage: 5V
  10. Required Aperture Diameter: 12mm
  11. Emitting Color: Changeable
  12. LED Shape: Round

Brightness Of Pixel LED Light:

  1. Red: 3.3 Lumens/300 mcd
  2. Green: 10 Lumens/1000 mcd
  3. Blue: 2.7 Lumens/300 mcd (mcd calculation based on full 120-degree beam)

Application of Pixel LED Light:

  1. Channel Letters
  2. Advertisement Signs
  3. Commercial Sign
  4. Message Display
  5. Product Effect Display

Package content:

  1. 5 Meter 50 pcs LED full-colour pixel string

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