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ProsKit 120mm Mini Lineman Pliers PM-731

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ProsKit 120mm Mini Lineman Pliers PM-731 are pliers intended for the of wire.ProsKit 120mm Mini Lineman Pliers PM-731, they are generally not used to grab or turn anything. The plane defined by the edges of the jaws intersects the joint rivet at an angle or "on a Mini Lineman", hence the name. Mini Lineman pliers are useful for copper, brass, iron, aluminium and steel wire. Lower quality versions are generally not suitable for tempered steel, such as piano wire, as the jaws are not hard enough. Attempting to cut such material will usually cause indentations to be made in the jaws, or a piece to break out of one or both jaws, thus ruining the tool. However higher quality side cutters can cut hardened steel, such as 2mm piano wire.

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Features of ProsKit 120mm Mini Lineman Pliers PM-731:

  • Material comprehensive upgrade, extend the service life by 30%.
  • New models of precision pliers, knife-edge special hardening process, wear-resistant and durable.
  • Surface nickel-iron alloy plating, rust-resistant, not easy to rust.
  • Handle with spring design, operate more easily, prolonged use of fatigue.
  • TPR colour non-slip handle design, ergonomics, comfort grip, not slippery and smooth operation.
  • Suitable for electronic production lines, electrical appliances and other industries, and general electronic parts angle cut line

Specifications of ProsKit 120mm Mini Lineman Pliers PM-731:

Material Cutting Edge Application OAL(mm) Individual Packing S45C HRC 50°~55° Copperφ1.0mm 120 Blister Card

Package Includes:

1x ProsKit 120mm Mini Lineman Pliers PM-731

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