MSQ-30 100/5A Current Transformer
Current Transformer

MSQ-30 100/5A Current Transformer

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MSQ-30 100/5A Current Transformer can be applied to test, control, display and record the running of the electrical equipment. MSQ-30 100/5A Current Transformer is also used to protect the equipment against the damage, in the AC circuit with the rated voltage value below 660V and the frequency of 50-60Hz. The product can be also applied to form a complete set of mine transformer.

Features of MSQ-30 100/5A Current Transformer:

  • Model Series: MSQ, RCT, SR, CP,D363,D364,LMZJW1-0.5,MR,PR, BH/SDH,
  • LM, CA, DS,DX,NSQ,SDH,TP,CQ/CAS, And so on
  • Rated Current ratio(A): 15/5A-6000/5A
  • Accuracy Class: Class 1.0, class 0.5,class 0.2, class 0.5S, class 0.2S
  • Rated Voltage (V): 0.5KV, 6-10KV, 10-35KV
  • Rated Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Supply various current transformers and voltage transformers, pass ISO9001 and

Specifications of MSQ-30 100/5A Current Transformer:

Rated Frequency 50/60Hz Rated Test Voltage 3KV AC (1min) Rated short-time thermal current (Ith) 60In Rated dynamic current (Idyn) 2.5Ith Rated voltage (Um) 0.72KV AC Continuous overload (Id) 1.2In Operating temperature -10?C ~ 50?C Housing self-extinguishing class VO Safety factor FS<5 Secondary current 5A, 1A

Package Includes:

1 x MSQ-30 100/5A Current Transformer

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