9 Volt Battery Snap Connector
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9 Volt Battery Snap Connector

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Use this cable to connect a 9V battery to anything. Useful to power-up development boards (like the Arduino) with a 9V battery. The cable has a molded 9V battery snap on it. The battery snap covers the battery contacts to prevent shortcircuits, and it’s made of plastic, so it is more durable than traditional clips. The polarity on the plug is positive at the center.9V Battery Snap Connector to pins for Arduino

Wire Length: 15.2mm ( 6 inches Approximately )

  1. 9 volt battery connector
  2. Leads are polarity color coded (Red and black)with Plastic Head
  3. 10 x 9V Battery Connector
  4. 6 inch #24 wire
  5. High Quality Atomic Market Product

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sohaib - March 26, 2021

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