3296W Multiturn Variable Resistor Potentiometer Trimmer Resistor
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3296W Multiturn Variable Resistor Potentiometer Trimmer Resistor

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3296 series Multiturn trim pot. Multiturn potentiometers are used in application where accuracy and precision is important. As the name suggests the need to turn the know several times for going through the full scale of 0K ohm to maximum. 3296 series variable Multi-turn Potentiometers also called as Trim Pot or Preset. Normal potentiometers covers the complete range of resistance in one turn where as a multi-turn potentiometer covers the same range in multiple turns there by giving user the option to provide more accurate setting/adjustment.

This 3296 series PCB Mounting multi-turn variable potentiometer can also be easily mounted on breadboard.

Technical Details

  1. Power Rating: 500mw
  2. Resistance Tolerance:10%
  3. Series: 3296 Series

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Umer Riaz - March 26, 2021

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