Amplifier Passive Tone Board in pakistan
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Amplifier Passive Tone Board in pakistan

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This item is a passive tone board, the main function of the input audio signal for high and low tone section, and then sent to the amplifier board to zoom. The principle of the product is the audio signal through the limiting element directly through the filter to get the desired high and low tone, tone board does not require power, but the volume will be processed a lot smaller, so the final stage must be connected to the amplifier board


  1. Metal precision capacitors
  2. Five – ring precision resistance
  3. Sided industrial grade FR-41.6mm plate
  4. Fully sealed long life miniature potentiometer
  5. The resistive combination, passive design, no extra power supply to provide the purest tone adjustment
  6. Potentiometer spacing:24mm
  7. Product size:about(L*W):5.5*6.2mm/3.7*2.44inch
  8. Quantity: 1Pc

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sohaib - March 26, 2021

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