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18650 Battery Charging Shield Arduino Battery Shield NodeMcu Battery Shield

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Now 18650 battery shield has updated to V3. You can use this battery shield to power many products like Raspberry Pi or arduino. At this version 18650 shield has a protection. The output current can reach 2A. I believe this would be useful for projects.

What makes it special?

  1. Battery protection(Over charge or Over discharge)
  2. Micro USB port Input
  3. Type-A USB Output
  4. 0.5A current charging
  5. 1 switch control USB output
  6. 5~8V Input Voltage
  7. 3V & 1A Output
  8. 5V & 2A Output
  9. LED indicate(Green means full,Red means charging)
  10. 3V output port x3
  11. 5V output port x3


  1. Input port: Micro USB
  2. USB output type: Type-A
  3. 0.5A current charging
  4. 1 switch control USB output
  5. Input Voltage:5~8V
  6. Output:3V & 1A (x3)and 5V & 2A
  7. LED indicate: Green means full,Red means charging
  8. Size: 9.8x2.9cm


Be careful of "+" and "-", You should follow the direction of "+""-" on the PCB.If you put wrong direction, charging chip will be destroyed.

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Umer Riaz - March 26, 2021

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